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I and Wix share something very important to us in common with each other.

That is, we both want to take you away from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Wix may be only wanting that for greedy reasons but I don't care because my reason is very moral. To provide us a place where we are legally in control. No one can tell us what to do here for the most part. I mean we can't hack our users if they don't like Anonymous but we can spam, bully, harass, educate, ban them, and give them funny badges while deleting every single one of their posts/comments. It seems pretty funny to me. Just think of all the evil people you encounter on Facebook. If they show their face here then they are pretty much in the spider's den and they can't go anywhere unless we allow it. Literally you cannot delete you account. You have to ask me to do it for you. LULZ! This is the Anonymous spider den. At your service. Cheers.

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