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I been so tired the past few months I just realized I been confusing the 2nd amendment with the 4th

Updated: Apr 18

It is okay though because technically if the Federal vine branch of the Government violates your second amendment then your fourth is also out the window. For example if local cops get a call with reasonable suspicion (a video of me shooting my friends gun) and some troll says it is mine I got illegally then they can easily get a knock warrant or even just call my phone like they've done in the past by getting it from my mother as always. It would be a huge waste of everyone's time and my rights as a US citizen, especially if they raid my home after I am forced by law to let them in. The fact I have delt with them many many times and have always been apologetic to them, sad, polite, cordial, and acted chill around them with my body movements/words; they most likely would only do a knock warrant or call if I could not hear their knock. You never know though especially with the way I act when I am super upset and their are no men with guns nearby to boss me around; I've said some pretty stupid shit in my past like talking about hurting evil illuminati lizard peoples, so you never know how they might respond onto me.

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