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I just found out where doomsayer works.

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Depo Dynamics is responsible for spying on users videos for court records; screenshotting everything their target says, qouting everything, watching videos but never leaving any feed back besides for an occasional mean comment. These people are literal snakes in the grass and even with all the bad rodents they catch, I still don't like or trust these people. They their self are rats just like tekashi 69 and sabu. You could be having a bad day one second, say something you did not even mean, and end up behind bars or in a psychward.... In some cases even getting sued by the Government. Even worse is when it happens to someone who was just joking around. A single joke threat can allegedly land you 11 years in federal prison if they press charges and if they are a big corporation or government.

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