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I'm going to make an age verification for this site soon. Also changing the main page to the forum.

This way I can make it public and people can share their posts. I thought it was stupid like that for a while now I just didn't realize wix offered an easy solution to set up age verifications. I am pretty sure I am going to use a landing page but I might try out the app too. So for now on, after I finish it. The forum will be before the member map and when you clickon anonsforever logo it will take you to forum which URL will be https://www . anonsforever . com instead of https://www . anonsforever . com/forum .... So this way the people can make the home page their own space and it will be for adults only. The blog will remain rated T for teen and open publicly online. Same goes for Anonymous music and others that people cannot post on like TOS or report user.

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