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I'm thinking about starting my own magazine.

It would be called HARP in imitation of AARP. Instead though it would sarcastically spew the same bullshit titles that AARP spoon feeds it's readers. Titles like "Waste your money at these top 5 resorts" or "cook toxic GMO food for your baby" it would be just like Sheople magazine for all the insiders who know about that magazine. For those who don't it is just a meme making fun of people magazine; a meme that has been remade a few dozen times but is hard to find online due to bad search results. I do believe a long time ago someone was selling actual sheople magazines if I am correct they probably got sued by people magazine or just didn't profit enough to continue it. For me it's not about profit though. It is about the LULS and education. The most two important things for any society to thrive. We are lacking both LuLz and education so clearly something has to be done. I might just do it.

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