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I mean Anons are all pretty sexy and wear masks but I think it is more of a personality thing.

I don't think the mask changes anything. There are some super models that are ugly to me and I'd never f them just because of their personalities and then there are women like the love of my life who might not be attractive to a lot of people but is seeming sexier to me every day she says something that goes along with my narrative. However the mask does make you think they have a good personality which in turn does add attractiveness to the individual, if you are Anon like me. Say for example some dumb bitch who wears our mask for Halloween takes a photo of it and publishes it. Men like me who then find the person more attractive even if she is the dumbest most evil girl of them all. Until that Anon can see what she is really like the photo will imply to him that she is cool/attractive.

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