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I will dedicate this blog post to the New York Police, every single one of them!

They are all fantastic outstanding individuals. I have been let go with pot so many times before it was legalized, fuck the feds might be a literal and metaphorical expression me and the police in NY can pronounce. For that I thank them! For that, I feel safe when I see them drive next to me. When I was a teen driving with pot in the car I would be terrified and even when there was no pot but now when I see them I just check my speed and as long as I am going the limit I feel safe 100%. They aren't bad at all. Matter of fact only thing that is illegal that shouldn't be is salvia, dmt, lsd, peyote, moonshine, and shrooms but you can OD on those drugs so..... Besides for that, every other law is either dumb enough not to matter to us, or is in place for a good reason like I said in my last post below this one. Dumb laws would be like paying to park but the money goes towards fixing up the city and creating jobs so it is dumb enough not to matter. The ones that are in place for a good reason would be like speeding. Now obviously I think DUI's/DWI's are dumb too but if you are too dumb not to hide it then maybe you need your license revoked for a while. Especially with booze or anything strong like it. Pain pills for example are even worse than booze. Speeding might be fun but my local city cops caught ISIS members sending money overseas to fund terrorists so why would you want them to think you might be ISIS? Let the terrorists and criminals speed so the cops can pull them over instead of having to waste our police funding on some idiots who are angry or "just having fun"....

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