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If you own fish; never feed them more than once a day, here is why.

If you own fish and are not an idiot then I assume you also have them in a tank with plants or algae they can eat and also micro animals or snails/shrimp/something that reproduces on it's own and can be a regular food source for your fish. So this way you only have to feed them once in a blue moon however I recommend once a day to ensure all your fishes are healthy and getting their required nutrition for the day. Besides for that you should let them starve this way they look for other food sources in their tank instead of the food you add. This way if something bad happens like if you get lost hiking or for some reason forget to feed them, they will be fine and can live in the tank without your help until the water dries up! This way if you die or something, people will have more than enough time to take care of them and maybe give them to a stranger to take care of.

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