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Is Infowars bad?

I know Alex was wrong for supporting Trump, for being against migrants seeking shelter, and claiming to believe in God. However besides for those three things I listed I can't see anything wrong about the guy. He is right most of the time about most of the things he talks about. is full of great info and products. I really lost respect for him for selling out to Trump for cash though. He could of been just fine without an endorsement. He always says he needs us to buy now or his operation spreading truth with go down. First off the guy lives in a mansion and eats steak all the time, second off he has an armored truck from Trumps money, third off people like me will support him either way whether he says he needs help or not as long as he sells the right products, fourth off if he goes down then plenty can and will take his place. We won't let the truth be silenced. The Globalists need to fear us.

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