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Last year Seattle police committed genocide on anarchists. RIP. Even if I am against no go zones.

I don't like police no go zones. I think we need police even though I believe in the 2nd amendment and stand your ground law. I think calling the police is the third option for safety and should be. You are not Max Payne. You aren't going to take on a whole criminal organization. Like the people who went looting and holding pedestrians up for their wallets while all this was going on. That's what calling the cops is good for. When an enemy much bigger then you has to be stopped from harming you, you have no other option but call them. After all you only have so many bullets even if you have a quick scope they can still get you eventually. I love anarchism but I don't think this is the right way of getting it done. I think real anarchism is when we peacefully boycott the system by being self dependent and also breaking the nonsensical rules without getting caught like collecting rain water/growing pot/other stupid rules that make us slaves.

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