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New Conspiracy theory that seems too real to be fake.

What if the world elite are all robots?? Like the movie they live except instead of alien life forms they are souless machines??? That would explain all the shootings in my opinion. Some people find out and go berserk after realizing they work like a slave while their robot coworkers do as little amount of work as possible. If this is true then my old coworkers were all one of them machines. Imagine if this is true then the crime scenes of these school shooters must be really on edge between the robot cops and the human cops, the humans are probably like, "dude let us go in and examine the dead body's, the threat is neutralized" and the robot cops are all like "you can't go in yet, we know it is against protocol to sit around instead of investigating a crime scene but we heard rumors of there being a possible second shooter so we have to wait and be patient" all while other robots sneak in the building to add fake blood on their robot "cousins" and hide all the wires/oil. If this were to be true it would also explain all the evil people in this world, instead of labeling them as crazy, misinformed, stupid, emotional wrecked individuals you can just label them all as robots. Only a cold heartless machine would do some of the things they do, in my opinion; perhaps this is not too far fetched? I mean what the fuck do I know? Even if I became a surgeon and dedicated my entire life to learning new things, there is no telling what kind of information could hide from me in the shadows. For all I know half my patients (if I was a surgeon) could be robots and I would never even know it if they were built skillfully enough.

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