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So if you are me then the cure for Covid is....

Two Tylenol, turmeric, vitamin gummies, strawberries, blue berries, chocolate milk, bean burritos, and coconut water. Antioxidants work the best. I was only sick for one day. After taking all that my fever was gone and I had a ton of energy. I suggest the rest of you copy me if you get it. It was horrible just like the flu. Not sure why they are shutting down the world over this weak shit but I can definitely see why they don't want to catch it. Especially if they are old. Seems like it does kill old conspiracy theorists in my family. One lady my mom's best friend thought she was living on an Alien reality tv show and the other person who died in my family from it was my Cousin's Husband. He was an alien conspiracy theorist as well and thought they were controlling the government. Coincidence that them two people died and no one else in my family? Besides for my great uncle who was 90 something years old and we weren't sure if it was the covid or the pneumonia that killed him.

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