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That moment you realize Tupac was just another no good thug............

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Please don't show this dead man any love or respect on my social media. You can post the video about him talking about Illuminati but that's it. Besides for that one small moment of his life he was and always would be another no good gangster who said he wants to beat and kill women just for being related to the opposite gang. This is an evil dumbed down man who drank plenty of fluoride water. He was a skinny terrorist. Like if ISIS members didn't drink so much goat milk, that's what he looked and acted like. Obviously the crips, is a more evil Gang and Biggie was an obese selfish asshole. However I do not pick sides when it comes to evil. Only idiots do that. It's like voting Republican just because you know the Democrats are 90% more evil, when instead you could of voted green party.

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