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The Cult of Scientology is full of idiots who live in the cults basement like trolls under a bridge.

Updated: Jan 6

They really are like trolls in real life and online too because they will harass you, make you pay them, and fool you just as a typical troll does. These people are clever immoral no life losers. You can spot a fake Anon out of the crowd very easy especially when dealing with cultic fake Anons. They normally have a profile picture of some famous scientologists like Tom Cruise. Glorifying any of these strange people or their alter egos is only glorifying the cult! It is plain as day subliminal messaging from them telling you that "they dont actually care as much as we do, they only will larp as one of us for infiltration, controlling opposition, and to divide Anons or convert them to the cult".

"This Anon knows too much!"

-Brad Pitt

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