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The kind of stress I go through every single day because I am Anonymous.

Everyone thinks we are fat cringe nerds who live in our mothers basement or something. Maybe they think we are all terrorist hackers. Maybe they don't like us hating on their families religions. Whatever it may be, I get affected by it all the time. Even people like Ramy who I donate to, respect the hell out of, and look up to him; I'll still get treated like shit by him and everyone else who is not Anonymous. It is really not fair at all. People judge a book by it's cover all the time. I know for a fact no one is pretending to be me either, because I watch his videos live 24/7 and I will continue untill he stops making them. I will keep donating too. IDGAF what he says to me. This is about protecting children and exposing pedos as bad as we can. Soldiers don't all have to get along but every fucking battle needs to be faught regardless! This is a war on pedos that I will never give up. If Ramy quits I'll have to start donating to that black guy in Canada who does catching even though his voice puts me to sleep I like that guy because he is very professional unlike Alex Rozin he does not joke around and takes this shit serious!

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