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The only NY State law I have broke since legalization of cannabis is speeding and not stoping at red

In my defense though I have been really working on my anger and I understand why I should just obey the laws and stop protesting for an autobon like in Germany. The reason is because, sure these fucking laws are stupid but it gives police an excuse to pull over criminals and psychopaths. This is to help these people and the community stay more safe. Not to bully and harass drivers at every street light because there is a new camera there and it only turns red when you pull up to it because you are a pedestrian. These lights are designed to make everyone stop so they can have a facial identify scan done on them. As scary as it may be, as long as no one goes after my cousins new shotgun or my Uncles pistols then we are all safe, criminals are in heavy danger though. A criminal, which I am not so I do not give a shit. However if they try coming after pedestrians we the people will bear arms together. Be prepared people. Big Government wants your mind, soul, and your body; if you are a criminal and even if you are a moral criminal......

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