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The only thing I feel this site needs at this time is the ability to post articles on this blog.

Unfortunately if you have an article you'd like to share with us and post the link to no one will see anything but the link. No embedded link unless you embed it yourself... No tittle/photo/description unless you add it in manually..... That is kinda annoying. All you can do is embed the link which doesn't work how I want it to all the time. For example when redirecting someone to a website the embed is small and a horrible first impression on a website. It's good for a single article but it doesn't fit on screen well making it more difficult to read and then if there is no link shown no one would know how to get to the page their self because clicking on link in an embedded post doesn't open on another tab. It stays inside the tiny embedded post. I know this site is not perfect and I apologize however it is still a great site that can be an alternative to Twitter and even Facebook. I completely replaced Facebook with this site and I'm loving it. I just have to be careful how I post on here. For example I need to remember to add a photo/title/description myself if I want people to know what they are clicking on.

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