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This is where I think black people should move to

This way they can start getting their power back and their privileges. They claim to care about reparations right???? They are upset that their people have always been denied jobs and treated unfairly. I completely understand!!! That's why if you all move to one area and take it over, then your people would control that area and jobs would be readily available for your people! Cops would be black and everything!!! It is like in NY mad cops are Italian because Italians use to be the majority here before the Spanish sexually genocided our women (Spanish people over populated NYC now and 6 out of 10 Italian women fall in love with a Spanish man at some nasty party where drugs are prevalent)!!! We still got mad Italian restaurants and food processing plants, even our own farms. That is because we all worked together and stayed close! We always had jobs available to us because of it, even when the Irish controlled this State before we did and we never really got along good because we looked like the Native Americans they stole America from.

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