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To get writer privlege on this blog i have to trust you first.

Ways for you to gain my trust are as followed.

  1. Post things other places that I would want on my blog. Say for example some Anons i followed on Twitter posted a lot of woke topics that i agreed with and thought were important for the masses to see. So if you can message me on this site a link to other profiles or if you just post enough in the forum or on a public group I am in then i will just add you as a writer without notice. However you need to prove to me that the link you send is your account by messaging me on it and if I like what you post I'll add you.

  2. If you pay me $2,000's a month in my paypal i will let you be a writer and post whatever you want; propaganda and all. As long as you keep it rated T for teens or under, like rated E for everyone. However expect me to change your name and other details about you to make fun of you and i will leave nasty comments depending on how bad the propaganda is.

  3. Jump in front of a bullet for me. LuLz

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