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Unless it is an illegal product if plaque hardens then nothing will ever remove it besides 4 scrapes

Scraping is all that will work for fast results. I know from experience. I scraped it myself. I only use fluoride free but when I was using fluoride as a kid it never worked fast either. I forgot to brush my teeth for a year or two after being abused at home and ever sense my teeth is fucked up no matter what I used. I brush them twice a day now at least. Still yellow. That's why I recommend raising your kids right or you will have to deal with their bad breath for the rest of your life you selfish idiots. Also I recommend to brush at least twice a day before and after bed. I do it in the shower, helps me remember to do it because I'm always in a rush and busy... Yes I take two showers a day with a water filter, which does remove over half the stuff in the water. I tested it with a parts per million tester from Amazon. The filter does in fact make my water more soft. Anyways back to brushing. Brush good and long every single day! I suggest fluoride free with ancient herbal ingredients proven to work like the essential fluoride free toothpaste. Also if you have bad plaque buildup don't worry. If you can't scrape them then it goes away after a few years if you brush them consecutively. So just make sure you never forget. I notice my girlfriend does sometimes even I do too. It is human nature to be forgetful. Just try better next time. Every time you fail at something try better next time. Whether it be setting alarms, putting the toothbrush in the shower, or just stepping your game up and be extra careful not to forget. We single handedly are in control of our destiny's. Never forget that!

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