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Urgent message to all website visitors!! Guy beats his mother and thinks all cops are Illuminati....

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Anonymous and I do not condone this type of behavior. If you beat up your mother and threaten to kill cops who are all poor then don't expect Anonymous to have your back. These people are sheople not Illuminati!!! If you kill the farmer then you free the sheople. If you kill the sheople then the farmer will just get more sheep. Don't be so stupid!!! Wake the fuck up. If you are from Columbus then I can guarantee you that most the people living there do not deserve this shit at all!!! There might be a few evil people that do deserve it and I bet most of them are locked up already. Whether they deserve it or not though I do not support this behavior or condone it. I recommend everyone to fight Illuminati the peaceful way that won't get innocent people hurt!!!!! That's what they want you to do, hurting innocent people. The real Illuminati wants you to kill innocent people. Watch the movie they live. The aliens sent humans side by side with them to stop the revolution from happening in the film. It is a good watch. I'm not saying these people are aliens at all. However the real Illuminati is very selfish and evil. Just remember this. If their networth is under a million than chances are very high they are not Illuminati or evil. For all we know maybe a couple could be but its not worth hurting innocent people to take out a pawn.

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