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Warning to all hacker users.

If you gain admin privileges without my knowledge I will assume the worst and try to remove it. If for some reason you or Wix stop me from removing it then I will delete and block you. I understand I said real pro hacker anons have practically full control here so let me clarify what I mean by that. That means no breaking laws. For example (robbing, destroying devices/websites, computer fraud act and all that jazz hackers know about). I also expect them not to troll the site by changing things to look ugly/off balance, editing text to make typos where there originally had been none, deleting users without admin permission, doing anything that changes the site's pages/users without admin permission. Say for example a hacker Anon comes here, I like them they like me. I want to appease to them but not have anything get ruined too. If they changed stuff on my pages I'd be forced to theorize the worst case scenario without even asking them how they felt first and that would be, this person is against me or is compromised by someone else and has to be blocked ASAP. However if that same hacker was to add a page with peer2peer video chat instead of trolling me then I'd absolutely love the person and hope they would stay even if they ran their own blog under the video chat. As you can tell when it comes to Anons trusting other Anonymous hackers, it can be very hard to explain; which is why I didn't go into great detail in the TOS about it. However I was forced to today because one of my good friends got admin privileges and I don't know how. I can only get ahold of them on discord but the person isn't answering so for all I know some hacker could of hacked her and figured out a way to get admin privileges on my site. I let Wix know and they are working on it. This hopefully will never happen again. It wasn't anything malicious but it could have been if it went unnoticed. I have since then deleted the account and blocked the device/email. I hope everyone reading this does not panic. Wix should be patching it as we speak.

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