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Was Syracuse University built over a Native American town???

Updated: Apr 19

Syracuse is named after an Italian city but it was founded by a mean Mick. ITALIANS DID NOT KILL THE ONONDAGA Natives! Nor did we ever steal the land!!! Just letting any Italians out there that don't know; quit supporting Columbus because Columbus is a Spanish name you idiot not Italian!!! We look just like the natives, why the fuck would we ever exterminate them like the blue eyed blonde haired nazis did to them????? You ever see a Mexican? I swear half of them look like my cousin and guess what, the micks think so too! I was bullied by my friends Irish Dad, he called me a fat Mexican meat ball because I looked Mexican to him then he beat me up, throwing me to the floor and forcing my arm over my head almost snapping it in front of everyone because he was drunk and didnt like me. He forced me to say I was a pretty little princess then he shot me in the ass with a BB gun as I was running away! His last name was Smith! His sons name is Zack Smith! They all watched and didnt do anything to stop him. They are all racist scum. He was never really my friend, just another fake fuck who really is just a Nazi I would bet!

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