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When I become an old man this site will become more business oriented. Ads, products, and investment

This is only if I can't find someone who will voluntarily take the torch for me when I'm gone. Why you might ask? My plan is to keep this freedom of speech social website alive forever. I figured if no one is willing to pay for premium and be the admin for free then I must give them a motive. By making a business out of the site to ensure that no matter who picks up the torch they will always have a motive to keep it going whether they are greedy or not. One day if that happens I might have to open the flood gates as well and let Q Anons, Info warriors, Antifa, and anybody else who wants a free speech zone to join in. For now it is strictly only people who love/like Anonymous. However if we can't get enough users to keep the site going forever then obviously we will need to endorse the site for different kinds of users and change the TOS a little bit. I'm hoping my children will take this torch for me but we'll see........ I'm hoping by the time that happens maybe Wix will give me free unlimited storage/bandwidth then all I'd need is someone who would have some kind of moral'ish motive to be the admin.

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