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You wont believe it. I been dreaming about my current job that I just got for the past 10 year or so

Either I can see the future in my dreams or I subconsciously knew it was the only job I could get with no experience/education that I could actually say I don't hate. That is because time goes by super fast while Im working there, I get all the breaks I want, I can go in any day I want as long as stuff is done by end of the week, I can pick up extra hours whenever, I can travel all over the Country and to other Countries while still working, I get benefits, and I get to meet all kinds of strange people. LoL I can't ever quit this job unless I can get an education and become a professional hacker for some company I like/trust like Native American or Italian owned businesses, definitely not Big Pharma or I might end up in a federal institution, just joking, I am stable/sane no need to worry investigators. I am not a cyber terrorist, I just think most of them aren't actually bad guy's, doesn't mean I am sucking their dicks while they perform hacks so chill feds!

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